shopkeeper in Mutrah souq in Muscat,  Oman

shopkeeper souq


sunset at muscat

muscat sunset.jpg

Beach scene, Soha

Beach scene here in Soha. The shelters on the beach are used by the fishermen to store nets and the gear and the old vehicles are used to push the boats to and from the water.

beach scene, soha

A day trip

A Dhow heading to the Fjords of Musandam with day-trippers on board.

to. the fjords.jpg

Khasab Fort

khasab fort

Sea side

the Atana Hotel, near Khasab, Oman  sits on the cliffs looking out over the straights of Hormuz. About 40 kilometres to Iran

atana hotel

Bakhar Fort, Musandam, Oman

Bukha Fort

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